Monday, February 26, 2007

Indoor Smoke Solutions

Another microfranchise could be a business targeting indoor smoke pollution. I think a successful business will be based on selling people on the idea that they will save money on fuel costs and be able to save time by cooking faster. The benefits of reduced indoor smoke pollution and reduced ARI in children will simply be a wonderful byproduct. It must also be a solution that is well tested, approved, and/or developed in the community in which it is being introduced. Cooking preferences and needs will vary by area. What I think is really needed is a clear, standardized, one-stop cataloge of products in a kind of open-source/creative commons exchange that allows entreprenuers to learn how to build the stove themselves and start a business. A quick browsing shows a wide range of designs but no standouts in terms of scaling up in production and distribution:

Charcoal Innovations
Simple stoves
AIDG stoves
Rocket Wok
Another rocket stove
Multiple stove models
A long list of examples
Ashden award winner
Issues of Mass Production
Examples from India

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