Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Personal Note

I thought I'd share a personal success: my team was recently selected as a finalist in the Social Venture Competition at Brigham Young University. We will be presenting on Thursday in an effort to secure a portion of the $25,000 prize money. Our business is called Motu BioFuels and we are making biodiesel from coconuts and jatropha nuts in Tonga. Whether or not we win we are launching this summer. I've researched various case studies and conducted market research for other groups' social ventures, now it is my turn to get my hands dirty.


Cat Laine said...

Congratulations and best of luck!

Beth said...

congraluations and thanks for sharing your success!

Stewart said...

Hi - nice work in Tonga guys! It was good reading. We're working on using straight coconut oil in small diesels, as this has been done in the Pacific since World War 2, in times of fuel shortages, generally with good success. There's quite a bit on the net about it, Tony Deamer in Samoa would be a good resource. Using straight veg oil would result in a lower cost fuel, as you save the cost of the biodiesel chemicals, and it's safer too. There are some fuel preheating modifications required and generally a bit of mixing with diesel or kero (or maybe biodiesel), but I hope you can consider this as a possibility.

Good luck - drop us a line at info@barefootpower.com if you'd like to link up, we're creating a network of village engineers to scale up these initiatives.