Monday, April 30, 2007

Weekend Excursion/Back to business

Sorry for the absence of posts, I used the weekend to go down to Zion National Park with the First Lady. Alright, she got there the day we left and I was hiking in the backcountry with my brother, but it does point out that it was the place to be this weekend. If you come anywhere near Utah, I highly recommed it.

Rejuvenated, I'm back to the land of wireless communication (any communication for that matter), laptops, and the blogosphere. I also got right back into the realm of microfranchising as I sat down with Steve Gibson earlier today. I have mentioned him and his Academy for Creating Enterprise in the Philippines a couple of times already in this blog. He is one of the early pioneers in this space as defined, although he would brush it off if such a statement had any connotation of prestige. He is currently living in this world of microfranchising and it was interesting to hear about the lessons his organization is learning as they experiment with replication models and different businesses. Over the course of this week I'll blog about some of the things we discussed (feel free to correct me at any point Steve if I misquote you).

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