Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Latrine Designs

Two new latrine designs that I can across: the Eloo and Cemforce.

The Eloo was designed in South Africa and has won numerous design awards. It was also reviewed in the Stanford Review of Innovative Products Benefiting Humans. I could see a manufacturing plant in the main city of a poor country and then microfranchises of installation services. The U.S. distributor is Cleanup America.

Cemforce offers a few different products. The one that caught my eye was their VIP (Ventilation Improved Pit) because it advertises as being able to build in less than 10 minutes, with no special cranes or tools. I'm always a sucker for simplicity.

This is another case where the microfranchisees would more likely be installers or distributors.

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David Stoker said...

Cleanup America contacted me after this post ran and sent me information detailing their product, an article about it in a magazine, and its comparison with other sanitation options. It really is a remarkable technology. If you would like me to pass the documents onto you, drop me a quick email ( and I can forward them on.