Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Product Franchising Irrigation Kits and Mobile Movies

This is an old article that shows two possible franchising opportunities. First the “ready-to-use, prepackaged irrigation kits” are a possible candidate for product franchising. Explore around on IDEI's website and particularly look at their product list.

The Bollywood-style instructional video is also a potential franchise business. A franchisee could acquire one of these modified vans and travel to villages to show movies. A primary source of income could be from companies who wanted to run ads before the movie. This could also be a wonderful mechanism to share public health messages.

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Ryan said...


I enjoy your blog. Looks like we share our alma mater. FYI, IDE India is an offshoot of a non-profit based in Colorado, IDE International ( I'm a financial analyst by profession but am a volunteer for IDE International.

Ryan Gunderson