Wednesday, November 07, 2007

ESR Conference

For the next two days I will be attending the Economic Self-Reliance Conference hosted by Brigham Young University. There are a number of breakout sessions that will focus on microfranchising. Considering they are sold out and that there are others out there that are interested but could not attend, I'll be sure to attend those pertinent sessions and post summaries and commentary.

Here are some of the sessions I'm looking forward to:
MicroFranchising in the Health Industry
Graham MacMillan (Scojo)
Ellen Vor de Bruegge (Freedom from Hunger)

Identifying MicroFranchising Opportunities
Greg Van Kirk (Social Entrepreneur Corps)
Andy Barfuss (COO Academy for Creating Enterprise)
Barry Smith (Keystone National Private Equity LLC)

MicroFinance and the End of of Global Poverty
John Hatch (FINCA)

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