Monday, April 14, 2008

Franchises for Kids in U.S., could it work elsewhere?

It looks like microfranchising has found a place in the U.S. in the form of mini-franchises for kids, as recently reported by Springwise.

Franchild takes the childhood lemonade stand up a notch with packaged franchises for beeswax candles, organic soap, and jewelry/apparel businesses. The $25 USD price tag is what caught my eye in terms of being a microfranchise. These exact businesses might not be viable in other countries but the model certainly shows that the idea of franchising can be packaged into smaller operating units with a non-traditional franchisee.

This also brings up the issue of youth being a potential untapped population of entrepreneurs. Last week I saw a great presentation showcasing the work that is coming out of Ashoka's Youth Venture program. The population pyramid what it is in many poor countries coupled with the improvements in education yet persistent lack of jobs has created a perfect storm that can either be destructive or a perfect opportunity for the rise of microfranchises.

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