Saturday, June 14, 2008

Scojo Foundation Changes Name to Vision Spring

Scojo, one of my favorite microfranchises, recently announced that they were changing their name from the Scojo Foundation to VisionSpring. I also see that they started a blog. I'm curious to know if the change represents a change in legal structure as well. The press release describes VisionSpring as a nonprofit social enterprise.

I like the name change. "Scojo Foundation" rings heavy of the nonprofit, traditional foundation side of things. "VisionSpring" comes across as a legitimate business even to the point that people would not necessarily suspect they are a nonprofit. It also is a better descriptor and represents the changing role of their organization. In the beginning Scojo was about operation and implementation, now , having proved the model, they are facilitating the spread of their business-in-a-box through large well-established partners such as BRAC or PSI.

Congrats to Scojo, I mean VisionSpring, for reaching this exciting turning point. Who's next?

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