Thursday, September 18, 2008

MicroFranchising book now available in paperback

I just received a notice that the book, MicroFranchising: Creating Wealth at the Bottom of the Pyramid, is available in paperback.  It is included in my recommended readings link; the paperback version is the one without the picture. 

 I'm excited and I know the authors are excited because it will make the information accessible to a much wider audience.  I thought it was unfortunate that the original publisher put such a high price tag on the book as part of their strategy to target university libraries.  Now, at a more reasonable price for the general consumer, I think the conversation can really begin.   The book really is a great collection of theory based articles coupled with profiled case studies.  The material in that book has been the starting point for many of my own wandering thoughts on this blog.  Happy reading.

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