Sunday, October 19, 2008

MicroFranchising Conference Nov 6-7

I received an update from the 2008 ESR Conference folks with details about the MicroFranchising Sessions. The early registration/discount deadline is tomorrow, October 20th. Here are the descriptions for the MicroFranchising sessions:

Business Solutions for Development
Come listen to Jason Fairbourne and Steve Gibson discuss how microfranchising can serve as a bottom of the pyramid solution for development.

Branding a Microfranchise—VisionSpring, HealthStores, & Living Goods
Miriam Stone from VisionSpring, Scott Hillstrom from HealthStores, and Chuck Slaughter from Living Goods will join Jason Fairbourne and Steve Gibson in discussing specific challenges and remedies for creating a microfranchise brand.

Systemization of Microfranchises—Grameen Foundation & Mercy Corp
David Lehr of Mercy Corp, along with representatives from the Grameen Foundation, will discuss systemization, replication, and scale as it relates to global microfranchise initiatives.

Research from the Field—Brigham Young University
BYU has spent two years studying microfranchise institutions around the world and collecting data that compares them with microcredit institutions and stand-alone businesses. Findings from Bangladesh, Guatemala, and Ghana will be presented here.

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