Thursday, December 11, 2008

VisionSpring's model spreading to Water Purification

Florence Cassassuce was a CNN Hero finalist and a World Bank Development Marketplace winner and according to an entry from a Changemakers competition last year, her next step is to turn her UV water purification bucket into a micro-franchise business based on the VisionSpring's model.  

At the time of the competition her idea was in its infancy so it might not have received a lot of attention.  She's dreaming big and coming to the table with refreshing transparency but it's too early to tell what is real and what is emerging.  She has a great product, now can she distribute it widely.

Water purification franchises have proven to be very successful models in the U.S. (perhaps too much so--producing incredible amounts of plastic waste from individual bottles of water) so there might be elements to borrow from the private sector in addition to someone like VisionSpring who functions with a much lower price point and technology.  Larger purchases such as a UV water filter might require options for buying on credit, savings plans, or collaborative purchases which could prove to be a model for many technology, productivity-enhancing products.

Do you know of other microfranchise models for water purification and distribution? 

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