Sunday, August 01, 2010

E-Health Clinics in India

This is a health clinic in rural India using an interesting combination of clean water and e-healthcare. This business is being incubated by Ashoka, here is the original press release.


Anonymous said...

Great blog. As part of a class project at my university I am trying to create a business using this microfranchising model. Hope to use you as a resource when time arises!

Sarah said...

Very cool. Have you heard about follow-up or social impact on this? Seems like a great idea.

Have you seen this?

It is another technology-driven project in India that my friend shared with me. Looks pretty cool.

And YAY! I'm finally getting around to reading your blog. I assume you worked with Jason Fairborne?

David Stoker said...

Thanks Deme and Sarah for coming by!

Thanks for the link Sarah, I love the philosophy behind the Hole-in-the-Wall experiments. I hadn't heard of his recent developments with the "granny cloud", I love it!

His research truly has transformational implications for education. The next question is who is going to build out these models and take them to scale? That is an opportunity for a social entrepreneur...