Monday, February 12, 2007


This is an old article but an interesting model.

  • Doc-in-a-Box

  • My first thoughts were: who would staff the mini-clinic? A nurse? Are there enough nurses in areas where these services are needed most? I also wonder if doctors would be threatened by such a clinic and are they powerful enough to see that they are not successful.

    I think the self-containment and self-sufficiency in regards to power and water are brillant, as well as the focusing on the key diseases and referring other cases. I was perhaps most surprised, and therefore excited for its potential, by the low cost of building one of these clinics.

    It appears the Council on Foreign Relations made this prototype but has no plans of personally expanding the production of the model? Does anyone have an update? Has the idea been picked up by anyone?

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    You can see a video of the box at You Tube: