Friday, February 02, 2007

My Projects

In addition to posting findings of successful models I'll occasionaly talk about the projects I am currently involved with and invite discussion on the design and decision-making of the projects.

The first project is in rural Ghana and is trying to create a franchise that will sell health products to address the major health problems, with a particular emphasis on malaria. The franchisees will be women from microfinance village groups. The idea is that by buying in bulk and regulating the quality of products being sold in rural areas we, as the franchisor, can provide higher quality health products at lower prices than the current alternatives. We also hope the desire to make a profit will lead to greater 'salesmanship' of good health behaviors.

We plan on piloting a business at the end of this month.

I had given recommendations based on research with a team of graduate students from last summer but have yet to see a final business plan from the organization to know which recommendations they adopted. Once I see what they are actually doing then I can analyze their decisions in this forum.

The other microfranchise will create oil-press shops in Kenya and Tonga. The main source of oil will be jatropha seeds and coconuts. The pressed oil will be collected and turned into biodiesel. Brigham Young University's chapter of Engineers without Borders is designing the reactor and will help implement the project. A business plan for the oil-pressing franchise called Kijiji Oil in Kenya will hopefully be entered into the upcoming Social Venture Competition on campus.


Peter Pravin Patel said...

Please send me details on your jatropha project. I may consider implementing these ideas in India.


ABNR said...

Can we suggest you some best models?



David Stoker said...

In response to the previous two

Peter, I could send you a copy of the business plan as it was a month or so ago, dialogue is continuing and the final project might look very different than it is currently written up. I would need your email.

Models would always be appreciated. I've done my best to do lit reviews but I'm sure there are successful models out there that I don't know about.